Jorinda and Joringel

by Charlotte
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Stories in the kitchen

Storytellers take note…inspiration could spring from anywhere – in this instance it came from the Kitchen. Fruit, flowers, cupboards and cloths translate into low tech retro playmaking. All recorded with high tech Retinal Responsiveness in mind – naturally

Hoop shadow screen

The sitting room is no less a rich vein of inspiration. Where did that vacuum cleaner spring from? Mining the domestic strata for gold! Fun fact…. the latin word ‘stratum’ refers to ‘spread for a bed, coverlet, quilt, blanket’. Its meaning has since been appropriated by the earth sciences to refer to bedrock. Bedrock!! bedroom, sheet, pillows.. how could I not have known about that!!

I love the Enchanter in this story, I am intrigued by her wickedness and shape shifting. I love the way she manifests at dusk, muttering and gesticulating. But I find myself wondering – why does she take young people, turn them into birds and lock them up in small hard-to-clean cages in her evil old castle??

I took on the care for my son’s pet mice, for two years, after he declared that he couldn’t possibly do it himself because they were “too smelly!” I fail to see the appeal in keeping several hundreds of birds in cages in a vast, dark, unventilated internal castle room for eternity, with myself as the only carer. Just too smelly!!

So what is it about the Enchantress, Why does she do what she does? What is her story? Why does my mind return to her time and time again….?

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